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Travel Crib: BabyBjörn Light Bundle with Fitted Sheet


Monthly Rate: New $55, Gently Used $35

Retail Price: $319.99

Why we recommend it: The BabyBjörn travel crib is lightweight, portable, and folds up for simple storage. Its mesh fabric is both breathable for baby and makes it easy to keep an eye out on your little one.

What the experts say:  Setting up the crib is very easy with the mattress attachment taking the most time. The BabyBjorn crib legs lock in place when you unfold it without much effort. The mattress clips in place instead of the more common Velcro found on the competition. The fold is also intuitive and easy, and the entire package fits in the bag with ease not found in the other products we tested. This crib fabric and mattress cover are machine-washable, and the legs are smooth with no crevices for gunk to hide.

Why rent it: Travel cribs are necessary for trips and long weekend getaways, but they can take up lot of space when not in use. Consider us your storage unit!

When you'll need it: The travel crib can be used from newborn to three years. You'll likely just want to grab it for a 1-2 months as needed for trips or visitors. 


  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Comes with a soft, comfy mattress; the mattress cover and travel crib fabric are machine washable.
  • Fabric is free from harmful substances and approved according to OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products.
  • Available in Silver.

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