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Diaper Pad: Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale


Monthly Rate: New $15, Gently Used $10

Retail: $149.99

Why we recommend it: The Hatch Baby is an innovative changing pad that pulls double duty with a scale for weighing your baby. This product is perfect for parents and caregivers who are tracking their babies' growth, and the app is super easy to use. This changer doesn't require extra covers or pads, saving you money and laundry time.

What the experts say: Clean and wipeable just like The Peanut, but with a scale for that extra peace of mind.  Especially useful for parents of premies. 

When you'll need it: The Hatch Baby will come in handy the moment you bring your baby home. You can use up until your little one is 60 lbs, but they will likely outgrow it earlier (most likely around 12 months). 



  • Easy to Clean: Solid surface wipes down easily and limits bacteria growth
  • Water Resistant: Fluids cannot penetrate into the pad, stopping mold or deterioration
  • Soft to the Touch: Soft, comfortable surface makes for great napping spot
  • Protective Layer: Surface allows for immediate cleaning
  • Puncture Resistant: Designed for hospitals, durable outer shell withstands everyday demands


  • Measures 29" L x 3.5" W x 16" H
  • Weight Capacity: 60 lbs.
  • Requires AA batteries


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