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Breast Pump: Elvie Pump


Monthly Rate: New $65, Gently Used $45

Retail Price: $499.99 for two pumps

Why we recommend it: The Elvie breast pump is a game-changer for breast-feeding. With Elvie, you can pump wherever and whenever you want. It's small and lightweight dimensions allow moms to wear it inside a standard nursing bra for a hands-free pumping experience. Best of all? It's virtually silent and has only five parts!

What the experts say: Finally, technology has caught up with our on-the-go lives. In the most meaningful improvement to the electric breast pump since its invention, Willow has created a wireless, wearable pump that is silent, discreet, and pretty close to magic.

Why rent it: Breast pumps can be tricky. It's an intimate product, and what's considered best design can vary from one mom to the next. Then there's the elusive milk production factor: it may be that you intend to pump for a year but only end up needing it for a few months. We realize that not all moms have the same experience with pumping, which is why renting is the perfect option for flexibility and cost.

When you'll need it: Use it for as long as you're breastfeeding! The average length of breastfeeding is 6 months.

Details: Elvie's smart technology responds to your body and automatically switches from Stimulation into Expression mode when it detects let-down and pauses when the bottle is full. Other ways to flex its brain power: download the app and monitor milk volume in real time, track pumping history for each breast and control the pump remotely. No tubes. No wires. No noise.

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